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Welcome to Prayer Pager Project

The Prayer Pager Project

A non-profit organization that seeks to aid patients with catastrophic illness in their healing by providing means of prayer. We give the patient a pager, at no cost to the patient, to have with them while in the hospital or even at home while recovering. When a family member, friend, or parishioner thinks of or prays for the patient, they then page the patient to let them know. As the pages come in, the patient knows there are others in the battle or their wellness; that the patient is not alone, giving them the strength to fight their disease and become well again. The prayers have offered comfort to patients and their families alike. It is our belief that the power of prayer works miracles in the healing process.

Name: Ken Payne
City/State: Pflugerville, TX
Date Joined: August 2011-Febraury 2013
Biography: My name is Ken Payne, I'm 52, and I've just recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 Bladder Cancer. We have deducted that the cause was probably from a drug called Actos that I've been taking for years to help manage my Type 2 diabetes. I live in the Austin area with my wife and 3 beautiful daughters, ages 9, 19, and 22. I love to spend time with family and friends going camping, swimming, boating, and doing church activities. We are active in our church and receive prayers and support daily from our congregation. Currently I am unable to work due to pain, but hope to be able to work again soon in between chemo treatments. This is one of my biggest concerns is not being able to provide financial support for my family as my treatment progresses. Please pray that I am strong enough to go back to work and that I can beat this! UPDATE..UPDATE: 02/01/13 Thank you for this wonderful ministry. It brought much comfort to my husband to know others were always in prayer for him. I am excited to share with you that Ken has beat his cancer and all scans are showing "clean". This is quite a Miracle as he had Stage 4 Bladder Cancer and the survival rate is very small. We feel very blessed and thank God each day for this gift. Thanks for your Ministry!