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Karris is a 40 year old, married mom of 3 girls diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. Due to start chemo and radiation on Monday and follow with double mastectomy. Her mother just finished chemo for breast cancer this year. She has one brother. She loves fitness, friends and family. Stays at home raising her three girls. Together we are trusting God for Karris' complete healing and return to life cancer-free.

Date joined: Aug 2016
Frisco, TX


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Jeff is a 48 year old and lives in Houston, Texas. He is battling lung cancer. The was diagnosed in August, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. He is married to Julie and they have six children: Madison (16), Natalie (14), Melanie (11), Emma (8), Frannie (5) and Ford (3). They are memebers of Chapelwood United Methodist Church. Jeff is a diehard Aggie fan, and loves to watch football... especially with his son Ford. He has been responding well to the treatment so far, and has many vigilant prayer warriors praying for him. We believe God is blessing him with the miracle of healing so that he can go on to bless others. Please pray for Jeff's complete healing... that the chemo destroys every last cancer cell in his body and that they never return. In Jesus, the Ultimate Healer's name. Amen.

Date joined: Oct 2011
Houston, TX

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Dear Prayer Pager Family, God is good. It is now 2011 and I have been healing every day. Since my Bone Marrow Transplant in 2007, I have faced several challenges including Back Surgery, Graph vs. Host disease that was attacking my Liver, and now GVH (Graph vs. Host) disease that is attacking my skin. Prior to my Bone Marrow Transplant in 2007 I met and married my wife, Evelyn. She has been an absolute Angle on Earth and has gone through everything with me every step of the way. After my Back Surgery in 2008, I spent 6 weeks in In-patient Physical Therapy, and Evelyn was there with me every night, and then another 9 months learning how to walk again. We have kept our faith that God had more work for me to do while I am here and we are finally getting closer to being "normal" every day. I am able to walk and stand for limited periods but am getting more stamina all the time. I am still in treatment for my GVH on my skin and in my legs. So your prayers are still needed and each and every one of them is very appreciated. As far as Prayer Pager is concerned, we are, once again, re-organizing our organization to hopefully be able to serve even more patients and families in their time of need. Our team is full of people who Love God and always remember, GOD LOVES YOU! The power of Prayer is and has worked miracles in the healing process for many of our patients including myself. Blessings, J. Scott Francis Founder – The Prayer Pager Project

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Alameda, CA