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Once the Prayer Pager Project has evaluated a request for a pager and assigns a pager for the patient, we then post a Biography of the patient on our web site so people can go to the web site and support the patient by reading the Bio, praying for them, and then paging the patient.

Any or all of the information provided in the Patient Bio is subject to publication. Once submitted to Prayer Pager Project, the statement becomes property of the Prayer Pager Project and it is understood by all parties that it will be published in part or whole. With this in mind, any sensitive information about the patient should either not be expressed or expressed in general terms.

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*Below is a general guide in formulating your biography: 1st sentence - What is the sex, general age, and diagnosis of the patient. 2nd sentence - Where does the patient reside geographically, where do they live. 3rd sentence - Family Structure, i.e. mother of two, married or not, siblings, etc. 4th sentence - Likes, Hobbies, Interests, Skills, Membership in Organizations. 5th sentence - Statement of faith and/or prayer request.
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