I want to thank you for the prayer pager you offered me in February of 2003. Your gift was an endless source of encouragement to myself and my family as I went through my treatments for a brain tumor. To give you just an idea of the impact this pager made, I was scheduled for an extensive surgery to remove a tumor that had been growing in the center of my brain. My immediate and extended family that had gathered at the hospital was very scared and fearful for how I would handle the surgery. The day of my surgery, we must've received 40 to 50 pages from people who just wanted to let us know that they were praying for my safety. It seemed like whenever I, or my family, was struggling through a moment of uncertainty, that little pager would go off, and we were reminded in a tangible way that we were not fighting this battle on our own.


I want you to know just how much the Pager you gave my Loving Amanda meant to us. It helped all of us in Spirit in the worst time of our lives. It really picked her up when she needed it the most. She has been gone a little over a year now. The look on her face when the Pager went off was priceless. I can still see the smile on her face ever time it went off. It gave her Hope when the doctors could not. Fact is, the Pager gave me hope also.


I would like to thank you for letting me have the prayer pager during my toughest time in my life while I was going through the Nasopharyngeal Cancer treatment. The pager had come just in time before I went into the surgery to have my full mouth extraction which was required for chemo and radiation treatments. I was very encouraged by the numerous pages that I received before the surgery from people that I had never met before. I knew that I was in His hand and not going into the surgery alone by myself. 


Please thank everyone who prayed for me and sent me pages. It was most encouraging and I had such peace that believers were praying. The surgery was successful and the cancer was contained in the uterus. I saw the oncologist today and he said the prognosis is good and I will need no further treatment than to be checked every three months. I praise God for answered prayer. Thanks to all who prayed and paged me. It was a blessing



Thank you for this wonderful ministry. It brought much comfort to my husband to know others were always in prayer for him. I am excited to share with you that Ken has beat his cancer and all scans are showing "clean". This is quite a Miracle as he had Stage 4 Bladder Cancer and the survival rate is very small. We feel very blessed and thank God each day for this gift.


Thank you so very much for the encouragement of the prayer pager. Evelyn died on Wednesday, June 8th, in the hospital. She had grown so weak and the cancer had covered her entire body. She left this earth at peace with her heavenly Father awaiting loved ones to join her on the other side. I thank you as her friend for the wonderful prayer pager and all it meant to her and to the ones who were able to encourage her. Again, I cannot say how much this program means to so many.


Just a note to connect with you and to thank you for the prayer pager. it has been a tremendous blessing to our family and we have felt covered by the many prayers on our behalf.


The Prayer Pager Project has been wonderful for me and my family. In March, my son, Kainen, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma. The odds were almost impossible that Kainen would beat this, but Praise God, he has been cancer free now since July. The doctors are in awe of his health and strength, and he hasn't had any serious effects from his treatments. I thank you and everyone associated with the PPP for the love, support, and prayers on Kainen's behalf.We also ask that you all continue asking God to bless Kainen with a long, happy, and cancer free life that is dedicated to serving and praising the Lord.

O Lord my God, I cried out to You, and You healed me.
— Psalm 20:3